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BBJ Recognizes Fork and Wrench Executive Chef

Many people around the Baltimore City area are very fond of the well renowned restaurant “Fork and Wrench”.  We at Union Wharf are also excited to welcome the owners of Fork and Wrench to the Fell’s Point area in the spring 2014! It will include a marketplace, restaurant, and bar, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   Fork and Wrench’s Executive Chef, Cyrus Keefer, has made some headlines in the Baltimore Business Journal recently, being selected for the second time in a year to cook at the former home of legendary Chef James Beard. The James Beard Foundation is a New York based non-profit organization promoting the culinary arts by honoring those in the culinary industry. If you don’t want to travel all the way to New York to try Keefer’s delicious fare, he is cooking the same menu at Fork and Wrench on January 28th for $163.80, with wine pairings.  Your taste buds will thank you!