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Come Stay at The Inn at The Black Olive and Check Out Union Wharf’s Neighborhood!

Sharing the southern tip of Fells Point that extends out into Curtis Bay with Union Wharf, The Black Olive is known for its gourmet dining. Like many other restaurants located around the bay, their specialty is seafood, but The Black Olive truly excels at it. They strive to provide the freshest and most organic; they’ve even opened up the Organic Agora Market within their restaurant to offer patrons a chance to use some of their freshest ingredients on their own.

What’s more, they’ve even opened The Inn at The Black Olive, “Baltimore’s premiere boutique organic hotel,” which opens up the opportunity not only to experience their fine dining and impeccable wine selection—Food & Wine included it in their list of “America’s 50 most amazing wine experiences”—but also to experience an unbelievable amount of comfort at this LEED Platinum Certified inn. It takes no shortcuts when providing the absolute best service possible, even going so far as to ensure flawless air quality in every room.

Here’s a Soul Body Yoga class at The Inn at the Black Olive:

Whether you’re in town to check out Union Wharf’s delightful neighborhood, or you’re looking for an unbeatable dining experience, don’t look any further than Fells Point’s The Black Olive.

Keep up with them on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. All photos credited to The Black Olive.

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