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Make Your CD and Record Collection Legendary at The Sound Garden in Baltimore

When furnishing a new apartment, or sprucing up an old one, nothing adds to the ambiance better than a solid music collection. Right up the street from Union Wharf, The Sound Garden offers an immense collection of CDs, LPs, video games and DVDs that’s sure to overwhelm all who enter their warehouse-sized music store.

Started in 1993, at the peak of Seattle grunge-rock band Soundgarden’s career, The Sound Garden quickly established itself as an award-winning music shop where an enormous selection of music old and new could be found. Now “Baltimore’s best independent record store” sets up shop in a huge warehouse of a store, where they stock over 100,000 CDs and DVDs.

So treat your ears to all they desire, and impress your house guests with an eclectic collection worthy of being envied. Don’t look any further than The Sound Garden, they’ve got it all! Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.