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The Walters Art Museum Enriches Baltimore with a Historic Collection

Living in our fast-paced, modern-day society, it’s important to slow down every once in awhile to witness some real, aesthetic beauty. The Walters Art Museum is your key to unlocking much of Baltimore’s most beautiful works of art. Their mission is to bring “art and people together for enjoyment, discovery, and learning” and to “create a place where people of every background can be touched by art.”

While one could spend days looking at all the fine art in the museum—they have an internationally renowned collection spanning from pre-dynastic Egypt all the way to 20th-century Europe—they work to liven their exhibits up as well. These include film showings, informative lunches and outings, and some wonderfully cultured art exhibits.

Their diverse and envied collection was compiled thanks to the “artistic interest and public-mindedness of just two men: William Thompson Walters and his son, Henry.” They collected close to 22,000 works of art spreading over 55 centuries.

So, come witness and be a part of this extravagant exhibit – even if you aren’t an art or history buff, you’ll surely be mesmerized.

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