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Build Strength and Stability at M·Power Yoga

M-Power Yoga is a fitness studio that offers a unique take on the concept of exercise classes. With each visit, you can expect a community of supportive members, live music, and classes that leave you feeling great.

This O’Donnell Street studio is a great place for people of all ages and ability levels to come together to experience the power of a good workout. Yoga and barre classes are the two main categories offered here, but there are plenty of variations to suit your fitness needs. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) barre classes, hot yoga sessions, and meditative flows are just a few ways in which this studio can help you get a total body workout. If you’re new to yoga, try the 10-day free trial, where you can test out a number of different classes to find the flow that works for you. Vinyasa 1 is the recommended starting point, but you will be welcome here regardless of what class you take!