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Enjoy an Intimate Concert at An Die Musik

An Die Musik is the X factor when it comes to a truly amazing musical performance. The venue is located on the second floor of a historic townhouse on North Charles Street, and unless you’ve been there, it might be a spot that you’ve passed by without knowing about it.

If you haven’t been there, you are missing out; it’s a performance venue like you’ve likely never seen before. The small seating capacity allows you to be incredibly close to the stage, and get up close and personal with the performers. September artists include a variety of jazz and fusion artists, and tickets are often an inexpensive at $10 a seat. Don’t miss their latest additions to their concert calendar, including Voice and Harp and Holland & Coots Jazz Duo. Plus An Die Musik offers restaurant discounts for a few nearby spots for you to make a whole evening of seeing one of their performances. Check out their website for upcoming acts, prices, and show times.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Pexels