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Experience Authentic Chinese Cooking at Golden Bridge Chongqing Hot Pot

If you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at a hot pot restaurant, it’s the Chinese cuisine’s equivalent of dinner and a show. A steaming hot pot of rich broth is presented to your table on a special, temperature-controlled pad, then it’s all about cooking your favorite proteins and vegetables and devouring each perfect bite as you go. 

The newly opened Golden Bridge Chongqing Hot Pot is just the place to try this tableside cooking experience, and also a great new spot if you’re already a fan of the dining style. They have tons of seafood, exotic vegetables, and savory meats to choose from, and four different soup bases to perfectly season and cook your meal. It’s a fun, interesting way to eat, and so much more interactive than a plain old dinner out. 

Find Golden Bridge Chongqing Hot Pot on Pulaski Highway in Rosedale between 66th and 67th Streets.