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From the Amazon to Australia, the National Aquarium Transports Guests Around the World

From snakes to sharks, the National Aquarium in Baltimore houses a huge array of critters. They're divvied up into stunning, distinct exhibits that transport guests all around the world. Journey to the Blacktip Reef in the Indo-Pacific Ocean; explore down under at Australia: Wild Extremes; or venture into South America at the Amazon River Forest.

Watch while the small sharks swim side by side through the Blacktip Reef exhibit, just as they would in the wild, or as Calypso, the 500-pound sea turtle, tears into some Brussels sprouts. Then head to Australia, where you'll meet a laughing kookaburra, a black-headed python, and a grey-headed flying fox, among many other colorful creatures. Meanwhile, in the muggy Amazon River Forest, a bright green giant waxy tree frog, a white-blotched river stingray, and a vibrant emerald tree boa await. This is just a small sampling of what the aquarium has to offer, so plan to spend an entire day exploring.