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Kislings Tavern Serves Some of the CIty’s Best Wings in a Cool, Kitschy Setting

Walk into Kislings Tavern and you may well feel like you've stepped back in time. The walls are covered in vintage wood paneling, while the ceiling rocks a subtle checkerboard pattern that's straight out of the 70s. In fact, more than a few reviewers call this Baltimore bar a neighborhood dive, but emphasize they mean it in the best possible way: Kislings Tavern is a little kitschy and its decor is outdated, but the place is full of longtime regulars who are relaxing and having fun together.

Regulars say that when you visit, you should be sure to order the kitchen's signature hot wings, which have a reputation for being among the best in the city (seriously — these wings here have won awards). You can choose to smother your wings in about a dozen different sauces, so whether you like the heat of traditional Buffalo sauce, or prefer a sweeter, more barbecued flavor, you're in luck.