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Only True Pho Lovers Can Handle manvspho

Are you hungry enough to take on the massive bowls of steaming hot soup at manvspho? Travel Channel’s show Man vs. Food recently tried to master the art of the pho with a cooking demonstration of their complicated broth. Real beef bones and tons of other flavorful ingredients cooked from scratch make manvspho’s soup the clear winner. 

Stop in to try their rich pho soup, or one of their other Asian dishes like Vietnamese rolls or pan fried noodles. Everything is delicious, but the soup is really the star at this newly opened restaurant. You can choose a build your own option, or one of the chef’s quick order bowls with your choice of broth. Bowls are just $10 (minus any add-ons) for a huge bowl of noodles, protein, toppings, and that special pho broth. The next time you’re feeling especially hungry, check out manvspho.