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OPEN TO USE Pair Hot Coffee With Fresh Breakfast at First Watch

For several hours before the doors open at 7 a.m., the staff at First Watch has been hard at work preparing ingredients, baking breads, and brewing coffee. That’s because everything on the menu at this popular breakfast and lunch spot on Reisterstown Road is made in-house daily. 

Whether you’re just popping by for a coffee or a smoothie on your way to work, treating yourself to sweet and savory brunch favorites, or getting a to-go order for lunch, you can be sure that the food hasn’t been microwaved into oblivion. Beyond the freshness and the quality of the food here, you’ll find other little touches that customers particularly appreciate. When you order an in-house coffee in the morning, you’ll get your own thermal carafe so you never have to wait for a refill. If you’re flying solo, you’ll enjoy free Wi-Fi and newspapers so you can catch up on the news over breakfast.