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Rec Pier Chop House: Sustainable Seafood and Organic Meats

Local ingredients, including sustainably sourced seafood and organic poultry, are at the heart of each dish designed by Chef Andrew Carmellini for Rec Pier Chop House. He's certainly had plenty of experience creating menus from scratch, having launched multiple high-profile eateries across the country with partners Josh Pickard and Luke Ostrom, like The Library at The Public and Bar Primi. He does something different at Rec Pier Chop House, combining local ingredients with time-tested Italian culinary tradition.

Carmellini's classic pasta dishes are a big part of the draw at Rec Pier Chop House, including the Linguini Fini with spicy Maryland blue crab and the orecchiette with sweet sausage and broccoli rabe. Of course, the steaks and chops are popular, too. Try the eight-ounce petit filet mignon if you have a small appetite, opt for the 16-ounce boneless rib eye for a slightly heftier meal, and dig into the massive 38-ounce Tomahawk Chop if you're exceptionally ravenous.