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Sip Pilsners While Dining on Spaetzel at Crossbar

It has been a long time coming, but Crossbar officially opened in Federal Hill just a few weeks ago, and the early reviews suggest that this Bavarian-style biergarten is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. A modern, Baltimore-influenced spin on the traditional beer garden, Crossbar occupies a bright, open space with Oktoberfest-style bench seating that can comfortably fit over a hundred patrons.

You’ll find that the menu features an array of German dishes, such as currywurst and spaetzel, as well as a few mid-Atlantic favorites, like the Baltimore-style sour beef dumplings. The bar’s draft beer selection includes a mix of about 20 local craft beers alongside German pilsners, dunkels, hefeweizens, and more. Here’s a bit of insider trivia: Crossbar’s name stems both from its location on Cross Street, as well as the world of soccer.