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Start Your Free Trial at M-Power Yoga

M-Power Yoga, a yoga and barre studio in the Canton Industrial Area, sets itself apart from other fitness studios in a few different ways. The variety of classes offered on different schedules is a real plus, and the gym’s membership program not only gives you access to unlimited classes, you’ll also get free mat and towel rentals, discounts, and first dibs on enrolling in workshop sessions. 

When the weather warms up this spring, you’ll be able to opt into the studio’s unique rooftop yoga sessions, which are wittily called “Natty Bohga.” If you’re still not sure if M-Power is for you, pick up a free, 10-day trial pass at the front desk. If you want to stay, there’s an unlimited rate of $30 for your first month. If you don’t, no problem. When the worst thing that can happen is that you get a good workout for free, then that’s a tough deal to beat!