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Take a Taste of Maine’s Most Popular Dish at Luke’s Lobster

Simple, fresh and sustainable: that’s the seafood you’ll find at Luke’s Lobster. Get the taste of the best Maine seafood right in your own neighborhood every time you visit Luke’s. The no-frills, shack-style restaurant is inviting for either a casual sit-down meal or for you to grab a few lobster rolls to surprise your family with tonight, along with a few bottles of Maine Root natural sodas.

The menu is not extensive, but that’s for good reason. All the fish and seafood served at Luke’s is considered sustainable and fresh from the source. You’ll have to try the lobster, crab and shrimp rolls, of course, since that is what Maine is best known for. Share a Noah’s Ark with a hungry friend and you’ll sample all three, as well as four crab claws, two drinks, two chips or slaw and two pickles! On a cold day you might try an L.G.C., a lobster and Gruyere grilled cheese that will blow your mind. Come see Luke’s Lobster and enjoy the fresh seafood you’ll love, from a place that makes sure to take care of the sea as much as the customers.