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Tour the Sagamore Spirit Whiskey Distillery

If you're a whiskey-lover living in Baltimore, then you've probably already heard of Sagamore Spirit. This local distillery is making a name for itself with rye whiskey. The signature Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey begins in a spring house that dates back to 1909. From this spring, freshwater is naturally purified by the earth and flows right into the distillery to be transformed into whiskey.

The distillery opened its doors to the public about two months ago, allowing tour-goers to see the distilling process firsthand. It begins with a look at the different grains used in the fermentation process, followed by a trip back into the distilling and bottling room where staffers are actually at work making whiskey. At the end of the tour, guests get to taste-test whiskey with a bit of chocolate on the side to cleanse the palate.