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Try the Cheese Tea at TSAOCAA

TSAOCAA just came to Baltimore a few months ago, but it's already shaking things up. The teahouse specializes in artisan creations like the trendy cheese tea. If you think cheese and tea sound like an odd combination, TSAOCAA might be able to change your mind. Its boba fruit teas come capped with a whipped layer of sweet cream cheese foam, and patrons are raving about the unique combination.

Of course, if you're not feeling very adventurous, you can try one of the other simpler beverages. Treat yourself to a simple mug of freshly brewed jasmine green tea or white peach oolong. Try the peach or rose milk bubble tea infused with chewy tapioca boba. Sip on an Americano coffee or treat yourself to a decadent and unique dessert, like the French toffee pudding. TSAOCAA offers an array of options, so there's something for every taste.