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Calling All Gamers: Check Out Canton Games Near Union Wharf

Union Wharf gamers, rejoice! Baltimore's Canton Games is your one-stop shop for everything game related. On the shelves you'll come across everything from family board games and comic books to specialized role playing games, such as White Wolf, Dark Heresy, and of course, the classic Dungeons and Dragons.

Every Saturday the shop offers totally free open board gaming, and you can pick anything you want off the demo wall, or even bring in your own games from home. Open session Saturdays are also a good opportunity to ask the store staff to help you learn a new game that you've wanted to try. On Sundays you'll find more specialized play, with a Magic Commander tournament running throughout the day. For a $5 entry fee you can bring your Commanders down to the store and battle other players for the championship.

Check the store's website for a current schedule of specialty play events, and then head on down to Canton Games to have some fun.

Canton Games
2101 Essex Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 276-2640