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Visit One of the Most Historic Restaurants Near Union Wharf at Sip & Bite

Sip & Bite has been a Canton landmark since its opening in 1948, and although no one can remember exactly how it got its unique name, the restaurant is still just as popular as ever. This family-owned operation serves a combination of local seafood dishes, traditional Greek recipes, and late-night favorites all night long. Breakfast is also served all day, and the menu includes classics like bacon and eggs, omelets, and Mediterranean breakfast platters served with the ever-popular home fries.

Because it is one of the few restaurants in the area that is open 24 hours, Sip & Bite has a relaxed, lively atmosphere at any time of the day. The exterior of the restaurant looks like a futuristic diner, and the interior is just as modern and laid-back. Whether you’re grabbing lunch with friends from Union Wharf or you're hungry for pancakes at 2 a.m., Sip & Bite is always open to satisfy any craving.

Sip & Bite
2200 Boston Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 675 7077